The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, I thought it was cleverly thought out and each character was developed in their own individual way.

You could not help but feel connected to each character in a different way. They were all going through their very own story arcs and represented different parts of human nature for us to connect with. This made all of the characters believable within the story, even Marin, who you could not help but like because of her strength, that she really passed onto Nella by the end of the story. She was a mystery within herself, and we never got to fully understand her but that is what is so likeable about the book. It was so realistic – how much can we say that we fully know the people around us?

Nella had a beautiful development throughout. Even by reading the first few paragraphs in the first chapter compared with the final ones in the book; you can just see just how much her story has impacted and the strength she has gained. She is a genuinely likeable character; which as you are following her all the time, is an extremely good thing because together you are companions. I enjoyed the writing style, and our way inside of Nella’s head. There was the perfect balance of description, dialogue and the thought process of the character; it meant that no part was boring or uninteresting.

There were so many twists and turns within the book which made it so enjoyable. There were so many climaxes throughout, it made it so difficult to put down because you just wanted to follow the story with Nella and see what happens to her next. The splitting of the book into parts had quite a significant feel, showing how through each obstacle she has faced, Nella came out just a little bit different in accepting her new self.

The only criticism I can find with it, is just that I wish the mystery around the miniaturist had been revealed a little bit more. We never really find out who she was, or what she wanted and how she managed to do what she did. But even with this I cannot really fault the book, because it sticks with the narrative recurring throughout. We only ever find out as much as Nella does, and our unfulfillment mirrors hers.

I am giving this book 4 stars because it was a lovely, sophisticated read but it is just missing that last star because I feel like the ending was slightly unfulfilling. The writer attempted to create too many storylines and mysteries within one, and then failed to tie up the loose ends. After a while I may end up appreciating the creative decision, but for now it is only frustrating!



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