Lady Susan, The Watsons and Sandition, by Jane Austen

I’ve always admired Jane Austen’s work, and her sheer amazing capability to do what she did. She truly was a genius, way ahead of her time and I genuinely love spending my time reading her books.

It’s not a surprise that I loved these few pieces, my one true wish is that I would have loved them to have been finished. Dad made a joke that I should write my own endings to them! But I could never do that, and really don’t think anyone else could match her standard of expertise. The Watsons had such potential to become a truly great novel, and I know it would have been one of my favourites. The characters all stood out as individual and unique, much like my other favourites Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey. Her female protagonist in The Watsons, Emma, reminded me of Elizabeth because of the unique way that Austen creates them with their sassy personalisation.

It’s hard to write that much more about them unfortunately, because we weren’t given much. How much fun was Lady Susan though, I thoroughly enjoyed the change in style of writing and wasn’t as lost as I thought I would be. Although it is harder to form connections with the characters, because of how distrusting letters can be. All in all, the pieces were tremendous fun to read and have such potential within them.

I’m glad I finally got around to reading these few pieces. It almost made the connection that much stronger to know that she was writing most of this on her deathbed. She will always be my favourite author.

Another book to add to my collection of literature.


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