The Bloody Chamber, and Other Stories, by Angela Carter

I thought these stories were so clever! Being a feminist means that I had high hopes for this story because it was all about making the fairytales, for women. About the girls finally taking control of stories that brought them down.

I loved the irony of the characterization about the young, naive girls that appear silly and materialistic; but were actually clever and by the end, completely took their own. The men were described as mysterious, showing Carter’s views that men are hard to understand.

Attempting to discover which fairytale the stories were about, was a lot of fun too. I love fairytales, so it was an enjoyable read for me. Got a bit samey, samey after a while, because the characters were all similar. But, I would totally recommend this book.

[I got major throwback feelings to high school after writing this old book review, and I have reminded myself how great this is to read! I really might be picking this up again soon!]


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