My top 5 favourite things from July!
Now that this month is wrapping up, I thought it would be fun to look back and choose my 5 top items that I loved this month!
1. Caraval, by Stephanie Garber
 If you saw my review on this book, then you know how passionate I feel about it! So it had to be on my list, and it most definitely had to be the first one here. It was such a massive hit on bookstagram which is where I first became aware of it, but to hear more about this novel please go check out my review! It is such a fantastical, magical, beautiful, soulful, mind-sweeping, amazing book and I recommend it to everyone out there!

2. My Breville blender (around £30.)
 I have fallen in love with my new blender this month, it has definitely been helping with my new mission to stay healthy. Every week I try and make a new smoothie, and they are so unbelievably tasty and refreshing! I have started to make a collection of recipes, so if anyone is interested I can always post some!

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo.
 I can’t even begin to describe the amount of times this item has helped me out recently! It has been my complete saviour. I love the fact that you can pick out different fragrances and all of them are so fresh and feel heavenly light on your hair. An item that I’ve bought that I haven’t regretted at all, and will now be making it one of my bedside essentials.

4. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour.
 I’m not usually one for being mad about makeup, but every so often I make a good buy and it makes me want to buy loads more makeup! These lipsticks are my absolute fave. They apply in liquid which makes for easier application, and then set into a matte. It just makes it look so much neater for a matte lipstick, and it actually stays on!! A must-buy for me, for nights out.

5. My Wonder Woman t-shirt!
 I adored the film! So I knew that at some point I would have to buy something related to my Queen Diana. I loooove my new t-shirt with the Wonder Woman symbol on it. Wonder Woman really is one of my favourite things that I am loving this month! Such a great film, and an amazing addition to comic films out there, one of my fave genres. I just love the action, romance and creativity involved.
My top 5 achievements/ favourite events from July:
1. My work contract.
 I am absolutely over the moon that my work contract has now been updated to permanent, instead of a temporary contract. Having a regular source of income has really settled my nerves, and having this job has raised my confidence in amazing ways now and, as ridiculous as it sounds, makes me feel more adultlike! I’m really proud of myself for having done this.

2. Bowling night out.
 I had a lovely night out with my best friends bowling, which then inevitably ended up with us going out to a club and just dancing! It felt great to go out spontaneously and not even with the intention to go out and get drunk, just have a dance and a laugh with my mates.

3. Gym.
 Another thing that I am immensely proud of is being able to finally get over my fear, and go to the gym! I may not be very good at it or push myself like I should, but I’m just glad that I finally made the first step towards building my confidence and getting my happiness back on track.

4. My weekly lunches with Gran.
 I love taking time out every Wednesday to go and see my Grandma after work! We just have a little chit chat over some biscuits and a cup of tea; it’s a very relaxing time out for me and I love seeing her light up when I go around. I just appreciate the time that I get with her now, more than I used to.

5. Selfcare.
 Been finding new ways to make sure that I’m staying on top of my selfcare, and that no matter how busy I am one day, I always put time aside to make sure that I do something that I want to do. Something that makes me feel happy or relaxes me. Which is why I’ve set up a new routine every Monday; after I’ve cleaned the house, I watch Netflix while repainting my nails and wearing a face mask. It’s really relaxing, and makes me feel slightly better about my skin – because it is still really awful, but I’m trying to make it better!

August is set to be a busy month; with my birthday, visiting family and going on holiday! So I can’t wait to see what this month brings! Xx


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