September Faves

I’ve loved September!! Here are my top choices from this month:

My top 5 favourite things:

  1. New Clothes
  • This was never anything I was really bothered about, but it seems to be that since I got a steady flow of money in the bank, I love going out and buying new clothes. Recently, I bought a new jacket and an autumn coat and they are so lovely! It is true what they say, that even a good outfit can make a bad day so much better.


  1. Boots
  • I’m not really one for shoes either, unless they are boots. I am pretty much obsessed with when it starts to get even a little bit cold, going out and hunting down my next pair of beautiful boots. I love using New Look too for my search.


  1. Fairyloot!
  • After forever dreaming about it, I finally signed up for Fairyloot and will be receiving my first order in October. I really hope it is as wonderful as I expect it to be! As someone who needs help discovering new books, and would love to add to my collection of fandom related items (she says, typing whilst wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt); I imagine it is perfect for me.


  1. Orange Hot Chocolate
  • I forgot how much I love this flavour of chocolate, and rediscovered how good it was when I bought a few sachets of Options hot chocolate. It’s getting to that time of year now, when I can cuddle up with a book and mug of my favourite Orange hot chocolate.


  1. Café W
  • I will hopefully be writing a little blog post about this café soon, because it is my favourite place in Lincoln to go grab a drink and something to eat. Something about it is so lovely and quiet, and I managed to go on my own for the first time this month, and sat there and read my book.


My top 5 favourite achievements/ events from September

  1. Krystle’s Hen Do
  • I recently travelled down to Portsmouth so I could spend the weekend celebrating her upcoming wedding and have a girly time. We went to zizzis one night before then heading to PlayZone – which was an immense amount of fun. The next day we took the train to Brighton where we had afternoon tea and stayed out shopping and drinking. It was lovely to spend some time with family down there, and have the time to do something different with Krystle.


  1. Fair
  • Me, Eleni and Caitlin had a fun night out at the September fair too. I even managed to drag Caitlin on to some different rides, but got my punishment when I left with a horrible headache from the Waltzers and was covered in bruises the next day!


  1. Logan’s First Birthday
  • I have no idea where the time has gone, but my little baby cousin turned 1 this month! He really is the most adorable baby, and I loved being able to buy him a present and then help him unwrap it. I’m gutted that he is all the way down in Portsmouth, but hope that I will be able to visit a lot.


  1. Imagine Dragon and Dua Lipa Concert
  • Eleni managed to buy herself and me tickets to go and see Imagine Dragons touring next year! I am over the moon, and honestly cannot wait for a night that I know is going to be truly amazing. And then later on, Dua announced her tour! So me and Caitlin are going off to see her too!


  1. Independence
  • This one is a little bit different, but I wanted to mention how my confidence and independence has gradually been increasing. I’ve been feeling a lot more confident going into town on my own now, even managed to just treat myself to lunch. As well as that, I got the coach back from my Auntie’s which was a 7 hour journey and I actually felt okay doing that on my own. It may have taken a while but I think I’ve finally got my confidence back to where it was this time last year.

I have been so looking forward to this month – I love October anyway because of Halloween, and the weather getting colder, but this month I’ve been given even more reasons to. Firstly, I’ve got open days for University this month, so it’ll be exciting to go on them. Then I’m going to Paris with Eleni, which I am immensely looking forward to. And my Auntie is finally going to get married and I’m one of her bridesmaids!


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