Some Kind of Wonderful, by Giovanna Fletcher

Book: Some Kind of Wonderful

Author: Giovanna Fletcher

Year: 2017

Rating: 5 stars


Lizzy and Ian have been a couple since their first day at university. Now, after celebrating a decade together, everyonethinks they’re about to get engaged. A romantic escape to Dubai is the perfect moment, but instead of the proposal Lizzy hopes for, Ian reveals he’s not sure he even wants her anymore.

Lizzy is heartbroken. But through the tears, she realises this is her chance to seize the opportunities she missed as Ian’s other half. But what does she want? How much of her is really Lizzy, and how much was Ian’s influence? Determined to discover who she is at heart, Lizzy sets out to rediscover the girl she was before – and in the meantime, have a little fun . . .



Book Review:

I loved this book! I a massive fan of Gi, and really love all of her books, and got the chance to meet her in Leeds the other week. I can confirm that she is as lovely as she appears. (I’ll write another book post about meeting her!)

First of all I just want to say, that it is one of the prettiest covers that I have seen for a while!

But about the actual book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The character Lizzy was so relatable, in the perfect way that Gi writes her characters, goofy and human. They always seem so funny with their little one liners, and so real in the way they express their emotions. Plus, I love the dynamic between her and her sister, she was so funny and really showed the love-hate relationship described between sisters.

The writing in general, I think, was much improved from her earlier novels. She manages to keep the same tone, and the creative voice of her character flow throughout; but something about the language just seems to be more sophisticated.

The storyline of course, was so thought out and really demonstrated some key points of her thoughts towards self-love. I, obviously, fell in love with this book because it took a massive stance against the typical view taken in romance books. When Lizzy gets dumped out of a 10 year relationship, she decides to discover herself and who she should be without him in her life. This really resonated with myself, because I appreciated that she was showing that a woman can have a happy ending without then being in a relationship. There may have been a love interest pop up towards the end, but the ending was so ambiguous that we don’t know if that goes anywhere. And I actually like that, because it puts the reader in control and you can picture the ending the way you want it to happen.

The moral of the story is also especially special. The idea that everyone we meet in life has some impact on the person we turn out to be. So in the end she doesn’t resent her ex for who he may have made her into, because she knows that if he wasn’t there, someone else would have been. Everyone we meet changes us in some way, whether it be over a small opinion, or adapts the way we live. I really enjoyed reading about this, thinking that it was special take for a romance novel to stand on.

I also liked the moral because I found it inspirational. Lately I have been trying to find ways to discover myself, and take time for some self-love. So to see this written in a novel, and have this woman taking new groups and socialising more gave me some inspiration as to what I could do.



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