Blogmas – Day 8

Bookish Gifts

First of all, I would like to apologise for this one going up a day late. Yesterday was not a good mental health day, and I just needed time to recharge and relax.

As a book lover myself, there are plenty of bookish gifts out there that I would love to receive. And I’m sure there are people out there who have friends who are into books, but you’re unsure what to buy them for Christmas. So I’ve just put a short list together of some suggestions of book items that you could buy them.

  1. Bookmark

I’ll start with the most obvious. A really nice bookmark can be such a sweet and thoughtful present. With websites such as Etsy, it is so easy to find one that is inspired by their favourite author, or favourite book. The handmade touch as well, makes it that tiny bit more special.

  1. A bookish necklace

The other year, my best friend Caitlin bought me such a cute necklace of a little book. I feel like it really sums me up, and I must start wearing it more often. Necklaces can be quite a cliché present, but with just a little twist you can turn it into something that’s more unique and special to the person who’s receiving the present. So you could find an item of jewelery that’s inspired from a particular book or character. E.g, a Mockingjay pin, like Katniss’ from The Hunger Games.

  1. Notebooks

If they like books, then it’s probably not much of a stretch to say that they like writing too. Buying a nice set of notebooks can be a great present or stocking filler for a book lover. It means that they have somewhere to be able to write down their feelings of certain books, or their favourite quotes, or maybe try dabbling in some writing.

  1. Book Sleeve

I think these are a bit unusual and make a really nice present. I recently received one in the November Fairyloot and love it. It’s basically a protective sleeve to put your book inside, so that when you take it about with you, the book doesn’t get damaged in any way. Again, when you look for them, you can find some really cute designs!

  1. Books! / Vouchers

When you know that someone loves books then 9/10 they would love to receive books, or vouchers so they can buy their own. If you love books too, then it’s a great idea to buy your friend a book that you’ve loved recently – that way, you can’t go wrong! If not, then take a look at their goodreads or listen to them. I’ve found that a good trick is to go shopping with them and see which books they pick up and seem to be interested by!

Another few ideas could be, flavoured tea if they like to have a cup while they read. Or maybe they like a nice candle to light while they read – you can also find ones inspired by characters! It seems that there is a huge book community which means that it can be easy to find bookish inspired presents to buy those book lovers.

Have you received any unusual bookish presents or have any recommendations?

Happy Blogmas!X



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