Blogmas – Day 12

Christmas Tree Reveal

I’m so glad that it’s time for this post! I’ve been so excited to show everyone my tree, as it’s one of my favourite things to do in December. I decorated it the other week after a bad day, which meant that it was so therapeutic to do it.

IMG_3166.JPGI went and chose a real tree with my Dad and brother, and I was so over the moon with the one that I picked. My Dad always lays into me about how I’ll never be able to pick a perfect tree, because they’re all grown in the ground and have their imperfections. But the one that I chose really was perfect to me. It has the iconic tree shape with the layers evenly distributed, nicely bushy on the bottom and not too tall. It fits the space we made for it so well. These pine needles create such a wonderful smell when you walk in the house. It’s fresh and Christmassy, and brings the outdoor in.

The theme we chose to go for this year was red and gold. Personally I feel that it has a timeless and traditional quality to it, and doesn’t have any tacky decorations. I don’t know whether this is a popular opinion or not, but I hate tinsel! I think it overcrowds the tree and the simplicity of baubles looks much more special. My favourite decorations on the tree are pictured below.

The red bauble because it is simple and reflects the white lights we have on the tree.

The gold star looks beautiful in the middle of the tree, and really stands out.


I love the cute, handmade vibe that the stocking gives off and makes the tree look more personal.


On the top of the tree we have this sprouting, firework, stars concoction. Normally we don’t have anything on the top because it simply doesn’t stay upright so I’m really happy to have something glittery that adds more height.

My Dad chose the lights this year, after my strict no colour lights rule. Luckily he agrees with me, and thinks that either a white or warm colour suits the traditional real tree look.


And finally, here is the final look! I absolutely love it this year. Every time I enter the house, the first thing I do is switch on the lights. It’s so magical to have it lit up next to you, especially for when you come downstairs in the morning. I wish we could have a tree up the entire year! I love being a perfectionist with it, and making it look exactly the way I had envisaged it. Also, just want to point out that I think it’s great that it looks incredible from all directions.

Happy Blogmas!X





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