Blogmas – Day 13 and 14

Blogmas day 13

Christmas Make Up Looks:

I haven’t been able to find the time to be able to put my own make up look together, but hopefully I will do at some point! So I’ve decided instead to put together a short list compiling my favourite looks that I’ve seen during blogmas.


I love this look by Caitlin for Christmas day or for a Christmas party, the gold on the eyes really pop and the lips look so Christmassy. It’s both dressy, and casual so you can enhance the look with a darker lip or lighter if you prefer.


These Autumn looks are really beautiful and I think embody the season in a make up look. The shades on the eyes are to die for, and I can’t even choose my favourite out of the three lipsticks. Such a lovely everyday look in the run up to Christmas.


I looove the red on the eyes and the lips for this make up look. It’s really Christmassy and stands out, especially with the glitter involved. I would definitely use this look for a Christmas party, and think it would stand out against a plain black dress.

Blogmas day 14

Christmas Party Dresses

And to follow the theme for this post, I am now going to show some of my favourite dresses that would work for a Christmas Party.

Boohoo have some really pretty things in at the moment in their Christmas shop. Including this turquoise sparkly dress, which I think is slightly different from a normal glitter dress as it has the added straps to it. I love glitter on a Christmas inspired outfit and also think that this colour is gorgeous. You can find it here:

I really really love this one from Miss Selfridge, I think that it is classy and pretty. It stands out as a lovely statement dress and the embellishments are really unique. This is the type of dress that you can dress up for any different occasion around Christmas. You can find this one here:

And finally the glittery, red one is from New Look and again I chose it because I love glitter on a Christmas dress. The colour is a lovely deep red, which instantly reminds me of Christmas. I love the style of dress and think swing dresses can be so simple yet so beautiful.

Thank you for reading this blog, and please go and follow the other blogs I attached!

Happy Blogmas!X







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