Blogmas – Day 15

My Favourite Things about Christmas:

  • My favourite things to smell at Christmas:

*Pine Needles … It’s such an amazing smell to come home to, it instantly reminds me of Christmas and I just think it’s such a gorgeous fragrance that I wish I could have all year around.

*Red Berry & Cedar Yankee Candle … We pack these candles away with all of the Christmas decorations so it’s a lovely surprise when I find them in December. I light one of the tealights every time it gets dark towards dinner time so that the house gets this wonderful warm and fruity scent through.

  • My favourite things to do at Christmas:

*Switch the fairylights on … We have quite a few lights decorating the house, including the tree, and one of my favourite things to do is to switch them all on when I come home. I love it when it gradually gets darker and the lights stand out even more.

*Eating … I also love eating throughout the Christmas period, and don’t worry at all about putting on any weight! Having a small bowl of chocolate on the table is amazing, and the actual Christmas dinner and homemade Christmas pudding is delicious.

  • My favourite things to look at during Christmas:

*Presents … I love the detail of the wrapping paper that I choose, and all of the colours. I really do enjoy making all of the presents look pretty, and seeing how they look underneath the Christmas tree.

* Snow … We had a brief bit of snow but I haven’t seen any since! I wouldn’t really like to have a white Christmas though because I have a bit of traveling to do around Christmas, and although pretty, it can be dangerous. But in the meantime I do think that there is something so elegantly beautiful about it.

What are your favourite things about Christmas?

Happy Blogmas!X






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