Blogmas Day 16

Late Night Shopping/ Winter Night In

I nearly wrote this into my favourite things about Christmas post, as it used to be one of the things I always aimed to try and do. However, I didn’t manage to go late night this year. Working Fridays and Saturdays does not always have its perks.

Every Thursday in December all of the shops on the High Street stay open even longer, to give people who are struggling more chance to buy some presents. I’m usually quite organised with all of my presents, so for me going out shopping was for an altogether different purpose.

Instead, it was another part of December that highlighted to me that it was officially Christmas time, and got me even more excited about the 25th. Firstly, it was absolutely freezing which meant that we could get all wrapped up in our coats, scarves and gloves and huddle together with our Costa hot chocolates. Secondly, the Christmas lights would be up and would look so beautiful against the night sky. Thirdly, I loved going for the atmosphere. I loved walking around and feeling so excited about the time of year, and seeing everyone (okay maybe not everyone!) all cheerful and celebratory.

Maybe I only felt this way because I was able to look in the shops quite smugly, after completing all of my Christmas shopping. It was fun to see if there were any deals that I could snap up last minute, without being worried that I wouldn’t find something for someone.

I’m really disappointed that I couldn’t make it this year, it certainly would have made this post much more interesting!

I think it’s still just as lovely to spend a winter night in, all snuggled in my pjs and curled up with a book in my lap. The Christmas tree to my right and a hot chocolate in my hand. At the moment I’m loving Orange hot chocolate, but would like to find a gingerbread one. This simple position makes me feel so relaxed, I love reading and it’s a great winddown after a busy day.

I also love to watch films, and find them equally as relaxing. Especially if it’s a Christmas one around this time of year. There’s no pressure doing this, to leave the house or see anyone. So you can just disappear for a while and have a calm night.

If I had to choose, I would find it quite difficult.  I guess a happy middle, doing a little bit of both. But I do think that I will always be leaning towards a quiet night in – whether that’s on my own or not. Something nice about shutting the cold night away and staying where it’s warm without any intention of moving.

Which would you choose?




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