Blogmas Day 24

Christmas Eve

[It’s been a busy few days, and I hate to leave things undone so here are my last couple of posts!]

Happy Christmas Eve! I love this day so much, I love the anticipation and knowing that the next day is going to actually be the big day. I feel like I’m actually just waiting around to go to bed so that I can wake up the next day! Hopefully we’ll also visit my Grandma, Auntie, her husband and little Logan; so it’ll be nice to be able to see a lot of my family – which will make the day go quickly so I can go to sleep!

Here are my top favourite things about Christmas Eve:

  1. The atmosphere

I love the Christmas feeling in the air! It’s a day where I genuinely feel that everyone is happy and more generous.

  1. Hot chocolate and chocolates

Even though I’ve been doing this a lot lately, sitting down with a hot chocolate and chocolates just feels much more special on Christmas Eve.

  1. Watching a Christmas film

The perfect last thing to do before going to sleep is to put a Christmas film on and get into some comfy, Christmas inspired PJs!

  1. Tidying the house

This may sound boring but I love to do any final touches to the house, to make sure that it looks really tidy and ready for the next day.

  1. Seeing Family

I love seeing family ahead of the big day, especially if I won’t see them on Christmas day. It just makes the season feel more special, and adds a bit of festivity to the day.


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