Top 5 Wednesday – March #1

Top Children Books to Revisit as an Adult.

These are the books that I love reading, even if they are technically supposed to be children books, because they are lovely stories and are written for all ages.

1.The Secret Garden

I love this book, I remember reading it when I was little and dreaming about finding my very own garden somewhere. It’s the sort of book that gives me extreme nostalgia when I look at the cover. I really need to reread it soon!

2. Harry Potter

This always seems to be under the heading of Children books, so is worth a place on my list. I don’t really think that it needs explaining! Perfect for kids, but the magic never has to end!

3. Little Women

Another novel that seems slightly different when you read it from different perspectives. Reading it as a kid made me sympathise with growing up and the pains of finding yourself, but also with realising just how lucky I am to be growing up as I am now. Then when you read it later, you pick up on so much more.

4. Fairy tales

These never get old, and I love reading over some of the new ones that are coming out, with all of the turns and twists. I’d love to be able to read these to my kids, if I ever have any.

I can’t think of anymore!




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