Book Review – The Mortal Instruments

I recently went through and read all 6 of the books in the series, and actually really enjoyed them! I was a little bit apprehensive going towards it, because I thought that maybe I would have liked them better if I was younger when I read them. I mean I am only 19, but I wondered if it would have been better to read while I was still in my series phase with The Hunger Games and Twilight! I didn’t really want to write full reviews on each separate book, or try and craft one for the whole thing. So I’ve decided instead to just collate a few bullet points of thoughts that I had while reading them.

  • How awkward was Simon and Clary together in a relationship? I really didn’t like the way that it was set up, and the fact that he just kissed her and called her his girlfriend as if that was how it worked. I found it pretty ironic that later on he found it hard to “DTR” with Isabelle.
  • Alec and Magnus have the best relationship in the series, it goes through more development than any of the others. And I will always have a special place in my heart for Alec, his character goes though amazing development and changes so much for the better. He is the one always looking out for others, but it just means that it’s his own insecurities that get in the way. I could just write and write about him.
  • I loved Isabelle! I loved how her character was set up, her personality is so sassy. It’s one of those books I think, that I prefer the side characters as opposed to the main ones. I did grow to like Clary more than I did at the start, which is a good thing! At times she was quite whiny and selfish, but I’ve come to realise that I can be a hypocrite when it comes to characters. I always moan if they’re perfect ones without any faults, and Clary definitely had her faults and was quite a stand out character to me. I just wish she thought more before heading into certain situations.
  • I preferred Sebastian over Valentine, and was glad to see the back of him. He made a much more interesting villain, and I grew to hate him immensely. I normally find that I like villains and they become some of my favourite characters. But Sebastian will always be one of the best worst characters!
  • I wish I had seen more of Isabelle and Simon.
  • I hated the ending with Simon, but I did find it quite fitting that he has always been there for Clary and then at the final moment, he sacrificed himself for them all. I cried at that moment so much.
  • I started at the beginning really liking Jace, and not liking Simon and somehow that switched throughout the series. I think it’s because Simon matured a lot when he got over Clary, and instead we learned a lot more about his personality and his troubles with being a vampire. And I think I didn’t like Jace as much because his personality changed a lot through the series because of everything he had to go through. Which isn’t surprising! So I do feel kind of bad that I went off him slightly.
  • Why did Clary and Luke’s interactions peter out towards the end!!!??? I loved reading about them interacting and then it just stopped.
  • The characters are what make this series worth reading
  • I wish we’d seen more of Clary and Magnus together, especially as he’d said that he loved watching her grow up and always calls her biscuit.
  • The writing flows and reads easily and quickly, and the world that she has created is just so great.

Overall: I basically kept reading because I am so invested in the characters and I love them all. They have such great relationships with others, and it’s so interesting to read about all of the drama that happens between them. The writing is basic and simple, but has great descriptions. The last two books definitely had more of a sophisticated tone to the writing, and were more detailed in the interactions and dialogue. So I can see an improvement in the writing throughout the series. I really loved the world and all the magic and the fantasy element and it made the series thoroughly enjoyable and easy to read all in one go.




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