10 Emotions Every Fresher Goes Through


Nope. Freshers week is not next week. My course is not starting after then. It’s still June, we haven’t even had July or August yet!!

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Everyone is going to hate me, the tutors are going to be horrible and I won’t understand my course.

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But maybe actually my course will be okay, this could be something that I’ll be really good at.

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Okay, now I’m excited to get on with it. I can’t wait to meet my course mates and have study sessions and go to my first lectures.

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But what if I get lost and don’t know where any of my lectures are, then I’ll be really behind and get confused easily.

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This week feels like it’s going on forever, why it can’t it just be next week already?

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Heart pounding, palms sweating, got to calm down. It can’t be that bad, surely it can’t be that bad.

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Now the excitement has gone, and I’m just nervous. Nervous, nervous, nervous.

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Yup, and now I’m scared. I want this week to carry on going slowly, and then I’ll never have to go to University.

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Okay, this is happening. I am embarking on a new journey (cringe) and I’m going to take this in my stride and just get on with it.

Image result for acceptance gif

Cue the cycle starting again.

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