After many unsuccessful attempts to start my own blog, although really wanting to express myself through writing, I have decided that the way to stay fully dedicated to one is to create one that I can invest in all the time.

Reading is one of my passions, for me it’s more than just a hobby. For as long as I can remember, books have always been a source of escape and a way to relax. The pages have a way of hooking me into different lives, introducing me to different personalities and characters; and I love it. I love being able to forget who I am for a single moment, forget where I am, forget any of my problems and completely immerse myself into another life, another narrative.

Through Instagram, I have been able to access a wide reach of people who feel the same as I do about books. It has enhanced my passion in expanding my collection of literature and made me feel much more confident in expressing my views on the books I have read, through discussing characters and themes.

So I have decided to take it to the next step. An online blog where I can express my thoughts on current reads and review tea or coffee shops where I like to read. My Narrative is something that I plan to work hard on!