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Blogmas Day 17 & 18

Day 17 – My Day

Today was supposed to be a Snow Photo shoot day! But, there hasn’t been any snow at all recently which is such a bummer. I was so adamant when I made the list, that I would be able to go out and take some pictures of one of the prettiest things in December – but I couldn’t. Which means that I had to come up with something else to fill this gap.

Instead, I’m going to write about my Christmas day yesterday. I woke up in the morning, and for the first time in ages, me, my brother and my Dad were all in the same place at the weekend. It felt so nice to all sit on the sofa and watch some morning TV, and definitely made me excited for Christmas when we can spend more time together.

Then I took my Dad shopping into Town so that he could buy some presents for his parents – and a sneaky one for me, while I looked the other way. We haven’t done shopping together in ages, if we ever have, and it was lovely to get out of the house with him and spend the day together.

When I came back, I had just enough time to get all dressed up and redo my hair and make up before heading out to Pizza Express. Me and a few of my best friends had such a nice meal before then grabbing some cocktails. I had a wonderful evening with them before Christmas, as it’s always nice to spend some time with them ahead of the big day.

Day 18 – My Favourite Christmas Adverts

1. Aldi

I think this was one of the first major Christmas adverts I’d seen this year, so it stuck in my mind. Plus I had a little giggle at the pun on the original advert. I think it’s funny, cheeky and quite Christmassy.

2. Boots

I really liked that the advert showed the significance of the meaning behind Presents and having the chance to show people how well you know and love them.

3. John Lewis

While not one of my favourites of theirs, it still owns a spot on this list. I thought the moral was really cute, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I didn’t understand the confusion that everyone had with the advert as I thought it was simple to understand, and showed what Christmas was all about. That at this time of year, we put other people first and buy presents that are full of meaning – which is why the monster sacrificed his relationship by buying the boy a nightlight.

4. Marks and Spencers

I do love this advert, and thought it was really funny and reminded me of the Grinch – which is always a good thing! I must admit however, that one of the reasons I found it so funny is because every time I watch it, it sounds like the burglar whispers “F**k you little bear” instead of thank you. It makes me and my Dad laugh so much when we see it.

Happy Blogmas!X



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Blogmas Day 16

Late Night Shopping/ Winter Night In

I nearly wrote this into my favourite things about Christmas post, as it used to be one of the things I always aimed to try and do. However, I didn’t manage to go late night this year. Working Fridays and Saturdays does not always have its perks.

Every Thursday in December all of the shops on the High Street stay open even longer, to give people who are struggling more chance to buy some presents. I’m usually quite organised with all of my presents, so for me going out shopping was for an altogether different purpose.

Instead, it was another part of December that highlighted to me that it was officially Christmas time, and got me even more excited about the 25th. Firstly, it was absolutely freezing which meant that we could get all wrapped up in our coats, scarves and gloves and huddle together with our Costa hot chocolates. Secondly, the Christmas lights would be up and would look so beautiful against the night sky. Thirdly, I loved going for the atmosphere. I loved walking around and feeling so excited about the time of year, and seeing everyone (okay maybe not everyone!) all cheerful and celebratory.

Maybe I only felt this way because I was able to look in the shops quite smugly, after completing all of my Christmas shopping. It was fun to see if there were any deals that I could snap up last minute, without being worried that I wouldn’t find something for someone.

I’m really disappointed that I couldn’t make it this year, it certainly would have made this post much more interesting!

I think it’s still just as lovely to spend a winter night in, all snuggled in my pjs and curled up with a book in my lap. The Christmas tree to my right and a hot chocolate in my hand. At the moment I’m loving Orange hot chocolate, but would like to find a gingerbread one. This simple position makes me feel so relaxed, I love reading and it’s a great winddown after a busy day.

I also love to watch films, and find them equally as relaxing. Especially if it’s a Christmas one around this time of year. There’s no pressure doing this, to leave the house or see anyone. So you can just disappear for a while and have a calm night.

If I had to choose, I would find it quite difficult.  I guess a happy middle, doing a little bit of both. But I do think that I will always be leaning towards a quiet night in – whether that’s on my own or not. Something nice about shutting the cold night away and staying where it’s warm without any intention of moving.

Which would you choose?



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Blogmas – Day 15

My Favourite Things about Christmas:

  • My favourite things to smell at Christmas:

*Pine Needles … It’s such an amazing smell to come home to, it instantly reminds me of Christmas and I just think it’s such a gorgeous fragrance that I wish I could have all year around.

*Red Berry & Cedar Yankee Candle … We pack these candles away with all of the Christmas decorations so it’s a lovely surprise when I find them in December. I light one of the tealights every time it gets dark towards dinner time so that the house gets this wonderful warm and fruity scent through.

  • My favourite things to do at Christmas:

*Switch the fairylights on … We have quite a few lights decorating the house, including the tree, and one of my favourite things to do is to switch them all on when I come home. I love it when it gradually gets darker and the lights stand out even more.

*Eating … I also love eating throughout the Christmas period, and don’t worry at all about putting on any weight! Having a small bowl of chocolate on the table is amazing, and the actual Christmas dinner and homemade Christmas pudding is delicious.

  • My favourite things to look at during Christmas:

*Presents … I love the detail of the wrapping paper that I choose, and all of the colours. I really do enjoy making all of the presents look pretty, and seeing how they look underneath the Christmas tree.

* Snow … We had a brief bit of snow but I haven’t seen any since! I wouldn’t really like to have a white Christmas though because I have a bit of traveling to do around Christmas, and although pretty, it can be dangerous. But in the meantime I do think that there is something so elegantly beautiful about it.

What are your favourite things about Christmas?

Happy Blogmas!X





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Blogmas – Day 13 and 14

Blogmas day 13

Christmas Make Up Looks:

I haven’t been able to find the time to be able to put my own make up look together, but hopefully I will do at some point! So I’ve decided instead to put together a short list compiling my favourite looks that I’ve seen during blogmas.


I love this look by Caitlin for Christmas day or for a Christmas party, the gold on the eyes really pop and the lips look so Christmassy. It’s both dressy, and casual so you can enhance the look with a darker lip or lighter if you prefer.


These Autumn looks are really beautiful and I think embody the season in a make up look. The shades on the eyes are to die for, and I can’t even choose my favourite out of the three lipsticks. Such a lovely everyday look in the run up to Christmas.


I looove the red on the eyes and the lips for this make up look. It’s really Christmassy and stands out, especially with the glitter involved. I would definitely use this look for a Christmas party, and think it would stand out against a plain black dress.

Blogmas day 14

Christmas Party Dresses

And to follow the theme for this post, I am now going to show some of my favourite dresses that would work for a Christmas Party.

Boohoo have some really pretty things in at the moment in their Christmas shop. Including this turquoise sparkly dress, which I think is slightly different from a normal glitter dress as it has the added straps to it. I love glitter on a Christmas inspired outfit and also think that this colour is gorgeous. You can find it here:

I really really love this one from Miss Selfridge, I think that it is classy and pretty. It stands out as a lovely statement dress and the embellishments are really unique. This is the type of dress that you can dress up for any different occasion around Christmas. You can find this one here:

And finally the glittery, red one is from New Look and again I chose it because I love glitter on a Christmas dress. The colour is a lovely deep red, which instantly reminds me of Christmas. I love the style of dress and think swing dresses can be so simple yet so beautiful.

Thank you for reading this blog, and please go and follow the other blogs I attached!

Happy Blogmas!X





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Blogmas – Day 12

Christmas Tree Reveal

I’m so glad that it’s time for this post! I’ve been so excited to show everyone my tree, as it’s one of my favourite things to do in December. I decorated it the other week after a bad day, which meant that it was so therapeutic to do it.

IMG_3166.JPGI went and chose a real tree with my Dad and brother, and I was so over the moon with the one that I picked. My Dad always lays into me about how I’ll never be able to pick a perfect tree, because they’re all grown in the ground and have their imperfections. But the one that I chose really was perfect to me. It has the iconic tree shape with the layers evenly distributed, nicely bushy on the bottom and not too tall. It fits the space we made for it so well. These pine needles create such a wonderful smell when you walk in the house. It’s fresh and Christmassy, and brings the outdoor in.

The theme we chose to go for this year was red and gold. Personally I feel that it has a timeless and traditional quality to it, and doesn’t have any tacky decorations. I don’t know whether this is a popular opinion or not, but I hate tinsel! I think it overcrowds the tree and the simplicity of baubles looks much more special. My favourite decorations on the tree are pictured below.

The red bauble because it is simple and reflects the white lights we have on the tree.

The gold star looks beautiful in the middle of the tree, and really stands out.


I love the cute, handmade vibe that the stocking gives off and makes the tree look more personal.


On the top of the tree we have this sprouting, firework, stars concoction. Normally we don’t have anything on the top because it simply doesn’t stay upright so I’m really happy to have something glittery that adds more height.

My Dad chose the lights this year, after my strict no colour lights rule. Luckily he agrees with me, and thinks that either a white or warm colour suits the traditional real tree look.


And finally, here is the final look! I absolutely love it this year. Every time I enter the house, the first thing I do is switch on the lights. It’s so magical to have it lit up next to you, especially for when you come downstairs in the morning. I wish we could have a tree up the entire year! I love being a perfectionist with it, and making it look exactly the way I had envisaged it. Also, just want to point out that I think it’s great that it looks incredible from all directions.

Happy Blogmas!X



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Blogmas – Day 11

Red, Gold and Green – a book that looks Christmassy

I couldn’t find any books that were specifically red, gold and green – but this book definitely looks Christmassy.

  1. Tanya’s Christmas: Make, Bake and Celebrate, by Tanya Burr

Image result for tanya burr christmas book

This is probably really obvious, but I loved reading this in the run up to Christmas! I’ve only just got into watching Tanya’s videos and I think she’s such a lovely and sweet person. I really enjoy watching them to wind down at night and get some beauty and life inspiration.

This book actually does have some red, gold and green on this cover! It’s so beautiful and shows some spoilers as to what’s inside. All of the photos are really good quality and set up so well.

I really do recommend people buy this! It has some lovely recipes, hair and beauty guides and tips on being a hostess. It got me so excited for Christmas! If you want a guide to Christmas and to making it all perfect in your own way, then it’s a great book for you.

I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes, I’ve always wanted to make my own mince pies! And I think some of them are really unique, and I haven’t seen them before.

I’ve never read this type of book before but really thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Her writing style flows, and sounds just like one of her vlogs where she’s just talking to you. Definitely worth buying if you’re a fan of Tanya, or want some festive inspiration.

Merry Blogmas!X

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Blogmas – Day 10

A fictional family you would like to spend Christmas with:

This is an obvious one because it came straight to my head and I could not let myself think of another family. I would love to spend Christmas with the Weasleys.

Firstly, I would love to receive a jumper.

Secondly, I think the family really highlights what’s important at Christmas. That it doesn’t matter what presents you’ve bought people or how much money you’ve spent – it’s all about who you spend it with.

They are a close-knit, down to earth family who all love each other so much. And I think that really shows in their homely décor, not to mention how they took Harry in as one of their own.

I love reading all of the stories that people write, imagining what Christmas with them would be like. Because it would be magical and special.

What fictional family would you spend Christmas with?

Happy Blogmas!X


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Blogmas – Day 9

Christmas Market and my Top Favourite Things about Christmas:

If there is one thing that people from Lincoln are proud of, it is our Christmas market.

Our wonderfully historic setting of the Cathedral and Castle is beautiful, and attracts visitors from across the country who come to see it lit up at night. It has been a tradition of mine to walk around it, grab a burger and a hot chocolate and see what cute stalls have been put up. For me, it really signifies that Christmas is officially here. There’s nothing more Christmassy to me than wrapping up as warm as possible and walking around in the dark and cold, listening to Christmas music and seeing everyone else in the festive spirit.

I’ve only ever been to the Lincoln one, apart from a visit to the Birmingham market which was also absolutely lovely.

I have some lovely memories from walking around the market. From getting roasted chestnuts with my Auntie, to going on the rides and buying leg warmers to keep warm and having giggles with my friends.

It’s one of my favourite things about Christmas, along with a couple of other things:

  1. Decorating the Christmas Tree

I love doing the decorating, and making sure that it looks special and Christmassy. I am one of those people who needs to make sure that the baubles are separated and spaced out well and the lights aren’t too garish. I will be doing a Christmas Tree reveal soon! Can’t wait to get it all done and show you all.

  1. Buying Christmas Presents

Buying the presents in the lead up to Christmas is also one of my favourite things to do. It really gets me into the spirit, and I love imagining what presents they would like to have and their faces when they open them! I love being able to try and show people how much they mean to me by buying ones that they would like.

  1. Christmas Eve

I love the final day because of the atmosphere around it. Everyone knows what’s going to come next, and it’s only one sleep that separates it.

Happy Blogmas!X

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Blogmas – Day 8

Bookish Gifts

First of all, I would like to apologise for this one going up a day late. Yesterday was not a good mental health day, and I just needed time to recharge and relax.

As a book lover myself, there are plenty of bookish gifts out there that I would love to receive. And I’m sure there are people out there who have friends who are into books, but you’re unsure what to buy them for Christmas. So I’ve just put a short list together of some suggestions of book items that you could buy them.

  1. Bookmark

I’ll start with the most obvious. A really nice bookmark can be such a sweet and thoughtful present. With websites such as Etsy, it is so easy to find one that is inspired by their favourite author, or favourite book. The handmade touch as well, makes it that tiny bit more special.

  1. A bookish necklace

The other year, my best friend Caitlin bought me such a cute necklace of a little book. I feel like it really sums me up, and I must start wearing it more often. Necklaces can be quite a cliché present, but with just a little twist you can turn it into something that’s more unique and special to the person who’s receiving the present. So you could find an item of jewelery that’s inspired from a particular book or character. E.g, a Mockingjay pin, like Katniss’ from The Hunger Games.

  1. Notebooks

If they like books, then it’s probably not much of a stretch to say that they like writing too. Buying a nice set of notebooks can be a great present or stocking filler for a book lover. It means that they have somewhere to be able to write down their feelings of certain books, or their favourite quotes, or maybe try dabbling in some writing.

  1. Book Sleeve

I think these are a bit unusual and make a really nice present. I recently received one in the November Fairyloot and love it. It’s basically a protective sleeve to put your book inside, so that when you take it about with you, the book doesn’t get damaged in any way. Again, when you look for them, you can find some really cute designs!

  1. Books! / Vouchers

When you know that someone loves books then 9/10 they would love to receive books, or vouchers so they can buy their own. If you love books too, then it’s a great idea to buy your friend a book that you’ve loved recently – that way, you can’t go wrong! If not, then take a look at their goodreads or listen to them. I’ve found that a good trick is to go shopping with them and see which books they pick up and seem to be interested by!

Another few ideas could be, flavoured tea if they like to have a cup while they read. Or maybe they like a nice candle to light while they read – you can also find ones inspired by characters! It seems that there is a huge book community which means that it can be easy to find bookish inspired presents to buy those book lovers.

Have you received any unusual bookish presents or have any recommendations?

Happy Blogmas!X

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Blogmas – Day Seven

5 Book Characters on the Nice List.

I’ve just done the naughty list, so it makes sense to do the nice list! I really enjoyed putting this list together and thinking of the characters that most deserve to be treated nicely at Christmas. I’ve picked characters that aren’t too obvious, but for some reason have stuck with me and deserve the most to be treated well at Christmas.

  1. Neil Josten, All For The Game

There are so many reasons why he is so precious to me, and why he deserves the world. He went through so much, and never thought that he could find somewhere that he belonged and could be happy. But he found his happy ending after going through loads of torment and torture. He got a great group of friends that became his family, and all of the Foxes deserve to be on this nice list. Neil deserves so much happiness, and now that the books have ended, I can just picture him having a great, successful life.

  1. Henry DeTamble, The Time Travelers Wife

All this poor guy wanted was to fall in love with Clare, get married, settle down with kids and a good life. This devastating tale has always stuck with me! Having the rare disease of time traveling at random times, meant that the timeline of his and Clare’s love story was all over the place and their moments of happiness always seemed to be ruined somehow. He really did deserve to just be happy, and have some moments that weren’t tainted by his disease. He’s on the nice list because he didn’t deserve what happened to him, and he never did anything wrong.

  1. Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games

One of my first book boyfriends!! I’ve always loved Peeta, and remember being absolutely devastated when I read about what happened to him in Mockingjay. He was such a sweet person, who really believed in peace and was a general good guy. All of the pain and torture that he must have gone through, makes me feel so upset. He’s on this list because he deserves to be treated with respect, and not have people underestimate him.

  1. Wanderer, The Host

She was so nice and honest throughout the book. She was deemed to be the enemy and had to slowly show her captors that they didn’t need to fear her because her intention was never to hurt anyone. Everything she did, she did for someone else. Even if it meant putting her life in danger or sacrificing herself. Another character that assumed that she could never find any happiness in her life, or deserve it. This pure, beautiful character that gave me some of the best life inspirational quotes wholeheartedly deserves to be on this list.

  1. Cecilia Tallis, Atonement

Another book that really stuck with me because of the amount of tears that I cried over it. Her little sister completely ruined her life because she misconstrued scenes between her and Robbie. Sending him to jail, wrecked the happy life that him and Cecilia could have had before the war broke out. And then maybe the devastating ending would never have happened. She deserved so much more. She never did anything wrong but got treated in such a horrible way.

What book characters would you put on your nice list?

Happy Blogmas!X